Action is always great to photograph and can produce some spectacular images. However the essence of sports photography is really in capturing emotion. Both the highs of goal celebrations & fist pumps and the lows of disappointment & frustration make excellent images that tell stories.

Saturday’s rollercoaster of a match brought the full spectrum of emotions out of a Caledonia Pride team desperate to register a first competitive victory. The match had everything from a buzzer beating score to force overtime featuring huge outbursts of ecstatic celebration, to a bittersweet finale of energy sapped disappointment. I toyed with the idea of releasing just a dozen shots without a single frame of action just to see if anyone would notice or if they would be too absorbed in the emotion conveyed through the pictures. In the end I released a bumper gallery of images as I had spent time testing out ideas for different shots, which is something I’ll touch on at a later date.