Lady Rocks were looking to acquire some photos for their end of season gathering. Following the Senior Women victory over Edinburgh the U18 ladies were taking to the court to play against Boroughmuir Blaze so I decided to stick it out for a bit and snap a few extra shots that might come in useful later.

There usually isn’t a great deal of difference shooting younger athletes and in this case many of the players in the U18 match also play at the senior level. Sometimes though the younger players can be a little less predictable in their play and will opt to try something a more experienced player would choose not to do. It may be a shot from a longer distance or trying to dribble around one opponent too many but these unique moments can sometimes give that variation which creates the photo moment you want to capture.

For me it was something entirely different today. I noticed at half time that the door behind the home team bench was open, allowing me to take up a different position from which to shoot. From there I was able to capture a few nice shots of coach Erin Gilbride during a team talk then also capture a shot of the action from behind the bench that showed the players looking on. Often the benches in the SBC National League are backed up against a wall meaning that this type of shot isn’t always possible so I’m keen to grab the opportunity when it’s available.