Event Review: Sunderland vs Liverpool


Favourite Shot

There are quite a few nice action shots from this match but I love this shot of Saido Mane holding off Didier N’Dong as he surged forward with the ball. It ticks a lot of the boxes for what makes a nice action photo.

You can see the photo on the Pro Sports Images website by clicking here.


The story of the match was that Sunderland’s Jermaine Defore scored twice from the penalty spot to snatch a draw for the hosts. Most of us were expecting Liverpool to win and thus were down completely the wrong end of the ground to get a nice photo of Defoe.

I still feel as though I don’t maximise my opportunities when it comes to set plays around the penalty area. Often I get caught trying to decide what to do resulting in a bit of a last second scramble to take shots that look weak. I know it’s a great opportunity to take head shots or wider action shots but must pick between them and start to pick up more usable images from these situations.


A tray of vegetarian sandwiches and a selection of cup-a-soup were nowhere near close to Newcastle’s cooked meal offerings.