I love getting along to local league games. With no need to wire images during play I can spend more time shooting and that extra time can be used to experiment with new ideas or refine my technique. In a way I can treat these games almost like a training ground for the bigger matches where time management is critical.

Intriguingly this match was played out on an artificial surface which is a lot nicer than the usual uneven pitches of questionable quality at this level. The only downside is that unlike the University of St Andrews pitch this one is enclosed by a massive green cage which doesn’t add anything to the photos. Everything felt a bit tight with the playing surface lacking in width and having very little run-off area behind the goals. For me that meant using my 70-200mm more often than I normally would at a football match but that wasn’t a bad thing as I was hoping to spend a bit more time working with it anyway.

AM Soccer ran out 2-1 winners after two first half goals with Fossoway getting what turned out to be a late consolation.