Football – Dundee United vs Ayr United


If I was to be honest the first half was utterly awful. A lot of possession football but very little action. Dundee United did score but from a tight angle on the far side of the goal meaning no clean shot. With no real intensity in the game I was struggling for a solid action picture throughout. Fortunately the night was saved by the goal celebration for the winner coming my direction. It always amazes me how I can have nothing all game then in the space of a few seconds get a dozen shots worth using.

I always find matches like this tough to motivate myself for. With only two other photographers present there should have been a good chance of a publication. However there really was little press interest in a second tier Tuesday night match between two teams that won’t win the league. SNS have a bit of a stranglehold over the Scottish football scene and thus far I’ve been unable to register a publication North of the border. Thankfully our other two shooters are doing a bit better covering Hearts & Hibs respectively.

Despite the lack of success I have quite enjoyed shooting at Dundee United. The photographer facilities are pretty good for this level with tea, coffee and a tray of sandwiches a welcome bonus. I’d go as far as saying that Dundee United are at least on par, if not better than, Premier League Sunderland which is really saying something given the status of both clubs. I’m looking forward to my final Dundee United game of the season against Dunfermline in a few weeks time.

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