Sunday was the first time I had set the remote up at Peffermill for a SWPL2 match. I was quietly hoping or a goal mouth scramble with players celebrating right in front of the camera but no such joy. Instead I had to settle for Anna Murray smashing in a 30 yard effort and a shot of the ball crashing against the net. The actual shot is about 80% what I had hoped to achieve. I’m still split on where the best place to put the camera is but I’ll continue to experiment over the summer.

I’m starting to enjoy photographing here a little more. However I will confess that I’m not a huge fan of shooting on these astroturf pitches. In my opinion the cages around the park detract from the pictures but worse are all the extra sets of goals that just add background distractions to what would normally be nice clean shots. The first shot in the gallery is a good example of just how much they can draw the eye away from the subject. Unfortunately they are unavoidable at times and I am having to learn to live with them.

The final game at Peffermill before the break will be a cup match against Stirling University. In the mean time I’m off to France for a break before deciding whether or not I fancy an away day adventure.

A full gallery of images from Edinburgh University Hutchison Vale vs Buchan is available over on my Facebook page here: