Sunday at Peffermill shooting EUHV was the third and final part of my football weekend treble. After a disaster yesterday where I somehow managed to shoot with one camera set to capture small sized images only, I was very keen to make some amends ahead of Friday’s cup final. Unfortunately Sunday ended up being one of those days where the match was a closely contested midfield battle with a cluster of bodies resulting in neither team retaining possession of the ball. There were few opportunities around the goal at either end and I came away feeling frustrated as I felt I didn’t have a wealth of content to work with.

My biggest gripe was the goal celebration where I knew I was struggling to get a clean shot of the players as defenders were wandering in front of them. Thankfully upon review I found a solitary frame that cropped nice and tight to what I was looking for (and which you can see as the header image for this page). Experience is teaching me that celebration shots at amateur games tend to be on the edge of the penalty box with the goalscorer running away from me. It is a stark contrast to professional matches where players tend to run to celebrate in the corner of the pitch where it is much easier to capture the emotion of the moment from the expression on their face.

The biggest positive from Sunday’s match was that Edinburgh University Hutchison Vale won the match 1-0. They have struggled somewhat to assert themselves in the early weeks of the season but this victory over second placed Hearts should help to inspire belief that the team can compete with the stronger sides in the SWPL2. My next opportunity to cover the girls should come in a fortnight as they play a crucial league fixture at home to Buchan where they will hope to push on into the mid-table.

A full gallery of images from Edinburgh University Hutchison Vale vs Heart of Midlothian is available over on my Facebook page here: