In terms of process there is very little difference between photographing a local league game and photographing a Premier League match. Same lenses, same shooting position, similar shots. 

I expected this to be a straight forward shoot on a fairly dull, drizzly afternoon. That ticked a box for me as it meant I could finally bring out my ThinkTank Hydrophobia rain covers for a pressure-free test run. 

Fifteen minutes into the match and the drizzle turned to full on snow bringing a new set of challenges. The most fun being that the camera autofocus was picking up the rapidly falling snow at varying distances and not the movement of the players. I’ll confess it was infrequent enough not to be a disaster but a couple of times I thought I had nailed a shot only to find out the AF had picked up snow drifting just in front of the action.

I do enjoy these pictures and how they contrast with those taken at St James’ Park. Still football but with a completely different atmosphere.