An incredible, action-packed, 120 minutes of football was exactly what the Fife Cup deserved for the final match of the current era. The match had just about everything; four goals, a dramatic penalty shoot-out, a red card, end to end football, a big crowd out to support and heaps of emotion from both sets of players.

I absolutely love the drama of the penalty shoot-out. It brings out so many opportunities to capture such a wide range of emotions that it can be difficult to know where to point the camera. It is easy to get drawn into the one on one battle between goalkeeper and striker but there is always plenty going on around the half-way line as other players react to what is happening. My favourite shot tonight was the one I set out to get at the start of the shoot-out, which was the winning team running from the half-way line to celebrate with the winning goal scorer. It’s a simple enough shot taken from the side of the pitch with the 400mm but it captures the raw emotion well and for me it really sells the story.

Had Greig Park won then I may have led with the final shot in the gallery which shows Lee Bremner celebrating as one of his teammates scores a penalty with a cheeky little chip down the middle of the goal. There’s something about shots that isolate just the one subject that I absolutely love and this one perfectly conveys the emotion of the moment.

I also had a soft spot for the shot of Leven United manager Dougie Herd walking towards the bench at the start of the match. I had tighter shots of just his head and shoulders but I felt that setting the scene a little by showing the sizable crowd helped to emphasise the big match feel. It’s not often amateur games draw this number of spectators, even for cup finals.

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