After what seems like forever the second half of the SPWL2 season has finally arrived. Fortunately the first EUHV game landed the week before the Premier League starts and in my eagerness to shoot a competitive match I ventured North to Forfar to see the team face the league leaders.

When I’m working a match for the agency I try to strictly enforce my workflow so that I don’t make an obvious mistakes. From experience I have found that changing that workflow when time is critical is not a great idea. In the past I have found myself hitting the wrong buttons then putting myself under pressure to trawl through menus and make corrections before getting shots sent out to the agency. If I’m having to do that pitchside while the match is in play then I’m not taking images. Matches like this give me a great opportunity to introduce new things to my workflow or trial different camera settings without much in the way of consequences.

I am pleased to say I enjoyed plenty of success today with a new set of Photoshop actions which I hope will serve me well throughout the upcoming season. Fingers crossed but the new settings should slice a good chunk of time off my workflow and allow me to get more images out in much less time. A little bit of success off the pitch!

On the pitch the girls knew they were in for a tough match especially having brought a small squad on the day. I opted to shoot the Forfar attack in the first half which proved to be a good decision as they had majority of the ball up my end. Going into the second half a goal down I gambled on staying at the same end to shoot the EUHV attack. Despite Forfar winning 3-0 I managed to get plenty of pictures to take away.

It was also great to see David Young at the match today. David is a Dundee based photographer who covers all aspects of Dundee FC as well as many other local fixtures including Forfar Farmington home fixtures. Check out his work over at his website

A full gallery of images from Forfar Farmington vs Edinburgh University Hutchison Vale is available over on my Facebook page here: