Football – Hibernian vs Celtic


What a challenging afternoon of shooting! I’ve learned that if things get off to a bad start it is difficult to turn them around in the field as there is always the feeling of playing ‘catch-up’ throughout the day.

The worst possible start for me was being delayed in arriving at Easter Road due to a road traffic accident on the way into town. With most of the other photographers either being local or arriving from the other direction I was one of the last to reach the press room. At Easter Road it’s pretty small and has very limited desk space. Missing out on a desk means missing out on being able to plug the laptop in and having a place to setup. It is a luxury but I do like having a spot where I can organise my gear and return to later.

Easter Road is also an awkward place to shoot at this time of year when the sun is out. The corner of the pitch nearest the photography room becomes almost unworkable as the sun hangs low in the sky just above the far corner of the pitch. With PSI keen to stock up on Celtic images, and Kevin already in the adjacent corner, I fired off a few test snaps but the images had a horrible ‘washed out’ look about them so I opted to head down the other end.

Fortunately the first half was a bit of a non event. All four goals came in the second half but typically both Celtic goals, scored by Scott Sinclair, were celebrated with him running towards the other corner. Conditions in the second half were absolutely brutal with the temperature hitting minus 8 degrees Celsius. Despite wearing gloves I found myself struggling to bend my fingers to type the accompanying captions for the images I was taking. By full time, with no prospect of a power socket in the press room and knowing that it has no heating I opted to edit the key shots from the comfort of the car. Heated seat on and air conditioning blasting out warmth I quickly turned out the key moments and hit the road only to get caught in another hour of traffic at the bridge again!

Click the link below for a full gallery of images taken as Hibernian came back to draw 2-2 with Celtic at Easter Road in the Ladbrokes SPL.