The important lesson learned today was to check my camera settings prior to shooting. Somehow I managed to randomly switch to shooting only small RAW files during the match last night. Looking at where the change took place I’m not entirely sure how I managed to accidentally make the switch but I didn’t notice until I got home after the match this afternoon. Last night I got away with it as the camera body in question was attached to my 70-200 but today that body was on my 400 meaning that 75% of my shots have a maximum resolution of around 2500 pixels wide. Given that I tend to resize to 2700×1800 as per the standard used by my agency, that meant almost all images captured today were smaller than required even before cropping!

Very frustrating and I only have myself to blame for not being thorough enough to spot the issue prior to shooting. I’m being even more harsh on myself than usual as I had actually edited several images from last night’s match and still not picked up on it!

In the end I opted to run a batch of smaller images at 1800×1200 which are perfectly fine for on-screen viewing and satisfactory for use on this occasion. The slip in standard of professionalism is still bothering me but it is a reminder to prepare properly to prevent failure in future.

Fortunately the match was very one-sided with Leven winning 7-0. It meant plenty of celebration shots where I was using the 70-200 regularly. All of the images in the highlight reel on this page were shot with the 70-200.

More images from Leven United vs Lumphinnans United can be found over on my Facebook page here: