Football – Newcastle United vs Derby County


Click the link below to head over to the Pro Sports Images website where you can check out my full gallery of images as Newcastle United defeated Derby County 1-0 at St James’ Park.

Going into the match I was well aware that this was Steve McClaren’s first trip back to St James’ Park following his sacking last year. I had a feeling that a pre-match photo of McClaren arriving at the stadium might draw some interest from live feeds so I decided to head out to the main entrance for the Derby bus arriving. Unfortunately I found I was slightly unprepared as the main entrance is underneath the Milburn Stand and doesn’t get a great deal of light. With no flash gun in my bag I was resticted to shooting at high iso and a relatively low shutter speed for a moving target.

My initial thought was to get a tight shot using the 70-200mm. However I spotted a Newcastle United crest on a security railing which I felt I could include in the shot to better sell the association between McClaren and Newcastle United. I opted to switch to the 16-35mm and go wide enough such that I could capture McClaren walking up the stairs on the left of the shot but also get the badge in on the right. End result wasn’t perfect but it was good enough to submit and the BBC liked it enough to pick it up on their live feed.

As for the match itself I had a spot of fortune as there were only two of us sitting on the side of the goal to which Matt Ritchie ran to celebrate his goal. Sunday Post snapper Paul captured a great image of Ritchie running directly towards him, while I was able to get a great shot as he booted the corner flag. 

Next trip to SJP for me will be at the end of the month to see Bristol City.