I was contacted a few weeks back by Lindsay Sharp at AM Soccer Club with regards to coming in to do a bit work with their senior team. I’ve known Lindsay from way back when he worked at St Andrews University Sports Centre before he became involved in the AM Soccer Club setup. His passion for football burned brightly back then and the move into working full time at the grass roots level to work with developing young talents was a natural fit for him. I was delighted to get the chance to take a look at their senior team as they play in the FAFA league top division which is one that I’ve not really had a great deal of exposure to over the years.

Despite the freezing cold conditions and the constant threat of rain this was a great match to photograph. A 3-3 draw with AM Soccer coming back from a 3-1 deficit and both teams really going for it. I managed to come away with a few nice action shots which I felt ticked the boxes with regards to what AM Soccer Club were looking for.