This was my first and potentially will be my only St Andrews University men’s first team match this academic year. Unfortunately majority of their matches are scheduled for a 2pm start which at present doesn’t allow me to make it along. I took on this one knowing that a win would potentially open the door for promotion to BUCS Scottish 1A. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be with Glasgow equalising in the final seconds through a header to ensure they maintain control of their own destiny.

It has been a while since I have shot here and I can’t help but feel I have improved immensely as a photographer in the time I have been away. A lot of what I have learned has come from working in the professional environment at the likes of Newcastle where I’ve started to better understand the necessity of producing a gallery filled with variety. It’s easy to get drawn into just taking action shots but it is important to balance the gallery by showing other perspectives on the game. I have learned that even though particular shots may seem bland or boring during the course of the game, it can be the one head shot of a player that later becomes instrumental in telling the story of the game.