When it comes to SBC Basketball I have always maintained that my core objective is to provide photography in order to help inspire young people to get involved. Regardless of how many pictures it takes should just one youngster opt to try playing the game then it would be worth my efforts.

Last week I was delighted to see Lady Rocks sharing a similar view of my work on their Twitter feed. They have printed some of the photos showcasing their women’s senior team stars in action and had the ladies autograph them ahead of roadshow events at local schools. It is a great idea for engaging young players who may not yet have discovered basketball or felt unsure about stepping forward to participate in the sport. The girls at this club are incredible role models to young people not just locally through their involvement in Lady Rocks but on a national level as many have played or coached with Scottish national teams.

From my perspective it is always great to see clubs finding ways to use high quality images to send out positive messages. The new SBC season begins in the fall and I can’t wait to see Rocks in action again.