I got the call to do this at the last minute and although I love working with Tennis Scotland I was cautious with regards to taking this event on. Tennis is tough to shoot at the best of times because shots can look aesthetically ‘off’ for a number of reasons including the position of the ball or the angle the player is at to the camera etc. That’s outdoors where there is an abundance of light and I have the freedom to work through a full repertoire of shots that I know work. Move indoors and the complexity level goes from difficult to frustrating.

The lack of light and dark backgrounds quickly eliminate the ability to take certain shots full stop. I don’t want to get into huge detail here because I fully intend to follow this post up with a more technical article exploring the challenges I faced on Sunday but honestly this is as tough a set of working conditions as I think I’ve ever faced.

The end gallery is solid, but unspectacular. It’s noisy due to the high ISO but that’s not too noticeable at screen size. What could I have done better? I think I could probably have gone for less close-up action and more of everything else. More emotion/expression, more headshots and the inclusion of wide shots. It would be a complete contrast to my usual tennis shots but sometimes that is what is required to produce a high enough quality gallery to get the job done.